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10/29/14 Enough of Scott Walker. It's time for him to go

TV ad 10/29/14

Heard enough? There's more.

Scott Walker cut our schools more than any governor in America. He gave $10,000 tax deductions to millionaires with kids in private schools and gave away billions to corporations.

Walker repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act for women. He gave our job creation money to his cronies and even benefited from secret donations. Prosecutors say there's the appearance of corruption.

Had enough?

Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund

10/24/14 Scott Walker's Club for Millionaires doesn't include you

TV Ad 10/24/14

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is beginning to look like a private club.

A club where his wealthy donors get what they want and everyone else is left out. Tax cuts for powerful special interests, the largest cuts to public education in the country and secret political donations from a mining company that was then allowed to write legislation that may mean arsenic and lead in our drinking water.

Scott Walker's wealthy donors benefit and middle class Wisconsin families are left out in the cold.

Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund

10/24/14 Brad Schimel: turning back the clock on rights in Wisconsin


We know it's 2014

But, as state Attorney General, Brad Schimel would try to turn back the clock on our rights in Wisconsin. Brad Schimel would allow companies to deny coverage to women for birth control. Schimel says he would've defended a law banning interracial marriage. and He would make abortion as a crime even for victims of rape and incest.

Wisconsin's Attorney General should protect our rights, but Brad Schimel just wants to take them away.

Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund

10/24/14 Howard Marklein chooses his party over small town Wisconsin

TV Ad 10/24/14

Howard Marklein claims to be independent

But he votes the party line 99.3% of the time. Wisconsin can’t afford Party Line Howard Marklein in the State Senate. This ad from the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund has all the facts on Howard Marklein’s 99.3% partisan record.

"Party Line" Howard Marklein: leaving us behind.

Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund

10/13/14 Scott Walker repeals Equal Pay Act to pay women less

TV ad 10/13/14

Women earn less than men for doing the same work. It's not right.

But Scott Walker repealed Wisconsin's Equal Pay Enforcement Act. Why? Scott Walker's corporate friends lobbied to repeal the Equal Pay law; the same corporate friends that spent $8 million to support Walker and his campaigns. Now it's even easier for corporations to get away with paying women less.

That's how things walk work in Scott Walker's Wisconsin. He gets more. Women get paid less.

(Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund)

10/6/14 Scott Walker is selling out Wisconsin farmers

TV ad 10/6/14

Walker bill sought to ease rules on farmland purchases by Big Real Estate and foreign corporations

Listen as a family explains why Scott Walker does not understand the family farm. Farms like theirs keep Wisconsin's smaller communities going. Walker tried to change the law so foreign companies and foreign governments could buy more Wisconsin farmland. The farmers warn that if Scott Walker's law passed it would open up the floodgates for all kinds of corporations to buy up Dairy State farmland.

Call Gov. Scott Walker at 608-266-1212. Tell him to stop selling out Wisconsin farmers.
(Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Committee)

10/1/14 Scott Walker's $1.8 billion budget shortfall

TV ad 10/1/14

Scott Walker makes bad choices

After three years of promises, historic cuts to education and a divided state, Governor Walker has Wisconsin facing a $1.8 billion budget deficit.

Call Gov. Scott Walker at 608-266-1212. Tell him that when he makes the wrong choices, you are the one who pays for it.
(Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Committee)

9/20/14 Scott Walker: plenty of money for friends, but can't find funding for schools.

TV ad 9/20/14

He cut school funding more per student than any governor in America

Walker passed out half-a-billion dollars in tax breaks and giveaways to his corporate friends and they gave him $1 million in campaign cash.

That's how things work in Scott Walker's Wisconsin.

Tell Gov. Walker we need more for our schools. Not for him and not for his friends. Call 608-266-1212.
(Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Committee)

9/10/14 Scott Walker: $10,000 tax break to millionaires for their kids' private schooling

TV ad 9/10/14

Scott Walker has cut public education funding more than any Governor in America, but he found millions to provide up to a $10,000 tax break for wealthy families to send their children to private schools.

Listen to the story of Jim, a parent of three daughters in Wisconsin public schools: “It’s just not right. Scott Walker didn’t make the tough choices, he made the wrong choices."

Call Governor Scott Walker. Tell him he's making the wrong choices. Reach him at 608-266-1212.

8/28/14 Walker: School money to friends

Scott Walker cut school funding more per student than any governor in America

TV ad 8/28/14

The money went to Scott Walker's friends.

Walker gave his corporate friends HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in tax breaks and giveaways. That's how things work in Scott Walker's Wisconsin: less for our schools more for his friends.

8/20/14 Walker: jobs dead last

Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin is dead last in the Midwest in job creation

TV ad 8/20/14

Why? Because Scott Walker uses Wisconsin’s job creation money to reward his political cronies.

That’s how it is in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin — his friends and cronies come first, Wisconsin comes in Dead Last.

8/5/14 Clarke mocks 911 calls

Sheriff Clarke should be focused on the safety of Milwaukee County residents, instead he ran radio ads suggesting those in danger should take the law into their own hands

TV ad 8/5/14

Sheriff David Clarke spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on radio ads telling us that calling 911 and waiting is no longer our best option.

911 emergency responders risk their lives every day to help save ours. Instead of calling trained professionals, Clarke wants us to arm ourselves with guns and aim to shoot to kill.

Clarke also opposes common sense gun safety laws like expanded background checks and limits on high-capacity ammunition magazines.

After the Connecticut school shootings Clarke even suggested getting rid of gun-free school zones.

Call Sheriff David Clarke at 278-4766. Tell him we don't need more gun violence in Milwaukee County.

8/4/14 Clarke mismanages. He's a threat to public safety

Sheriff David Clarke’s mismanagement is undermining public safety in Milwaukee County.

TV ad 8/4/14
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RADIO VERSION (60 sec. spot)

Milwaukee County taxpayers give Sheriff David Clark over $70 million a year to keep us safe.

But David Clarke has eliminated crime-fighting programs targeting gangs, drug trafficking and gun violence.

The district attorney says the sheriff department doesn't investigate murders or sexual assaults. In fact, they make only 2% of the violent crime arrests in the county.

Clarke spends millions on excessive overtime like for deputies sitting at the courthouse watching over security guards. Sheriff Clarke uses taxpayer money for radio ads telling us not to call 911.

He even takes federal forfeiture funds to buy flat screen TVs and exercising equipment.

That's where all the money goes.

Call Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke at 414-278-4766. Tell David Clarke to stop putting our safety at risk.

5/17/2013 No to School Vouchers

Support our Wisconsin public schools, say no to vouchers!

Web ad 5/17/2013

In a time of limited resources and budget cuts, we should be supporting our local public schools and not private voucher schools that lack accountability, have lower teacher standards, and lower student achievement.

Statewide expansion of the private school voucher program hurts our public schools by taking away needed state aid, forcing school boards to either raise property taxes or cut student programs. In addition, a lot of the students who take advantage of the voucher program were already enrolled in private schools in their school districts. Why should taxpayers now be forced to pick up the tab for them to attend private schools?

Tell your legislators - Support our Wisconsin public schools, say no to vouchers!

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